WGSN Predictions For The Future

I took part in a presentation by WGSN recently that was organised by the British Beauty Council. For those unfamiliar with WGSN this is how they describe themselves:

‘With unparalleled coverage and analysis into the world of consumers, WGSN Insight is our flagship trend product. Featuring original and thought-provoking content on consumer, marketing, retail and innovation trends, WGSN Insight helps the world’s most creative thinkers stay ahead.’

Many companies of all sizes use them as the trend predictors for consumers, marketing, retail and innovation. Always fascinating and always thought provoking.  This presentation was looking at the beauty market for 2023 and it really made me think.  They have broken it down into 5 main areas for consideration:

  • Push for progress
  • Embracing frugality
  • Wellbeing
  • Tech-ceptance
  • Intentional community

There is also a big focus on science & sustainability.

So how does this impact or affect the nail sector of the beauty industry?  Well there were a few ‘sound bites’ that caught my attention:

“Developing ‘multitaskers’ which can lead to frugality”
“Judicious choices therefore less waste”
“Smart decisions”
“Proven results” 

OK, so what?

There is clearly a LOT of research and development in the beauty industry both for professionals and the consumer. But does this apply to ‘nails’? All of our nail coatings are, basically, plastic!

But we do already have some great ‘multitaskers’!

Nail oil – This has got to be one of the very best! As long as it is suitable for the nail plate and surrounding skin it performs SO many tasks!! Do you know what they all are?
CND Plexigel  is another example. 4 products that perform the tasks of many more than that!
IBX – one of the ‘game changers’ and miracle workers for those that know how and when to use it.
Pigments – a few different pigments have the ability to alter colours in a huge number of ways (and they’re not plastic)
The clear UV gel +clear full cover tips – 3 products: a base coat, a clear UV gel + tips = beautiful enhancements

Just a very few and so many more!

Even during this time of a global pandemic and little to no income, so many nail pros are intent on buying several brands and stocking 100’s of colours, often with no concern of using the correct lamp for each. Why?

Judicious choices = less waste.

To finish I would like to give a word of warning on a situation that we are seeing all over and will only get worse with this move towards ‘sustainability’ and ‘wellbeing’.

So many nail polish brands are using misleading marketing to make consumers think that their nail polish is ‘safe’, ‘non-toxic’, ‘natural’, ‘organic’, ‘breathable’ and on and on.


Nail polish cannot be natural! It has always been non-toxic and all the other fear based marketing terms. As professionals, be aware of what all this actually means! Understand the myths. Nevermind what isn’t in a product but be aware of what IS in a  product! It may contain some lovely plant based ingredients but look at what else it contains. Nail polish is safe!

Plant based doesn’t mean ‘safe’! Hemlock, a plant in many gardens, will kill you. Cow dung is ‘organic’! Need I say more.

Do not be deceived.

Find your multitaskers, make judicious choices, be less wasteful with products and hard earned cash. Above all make smart decisions.


Marian Newman, BEM

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