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The Nail sector of the wider professional Beauty Industry has been underrepresented for a long time, yet we became a career path in our own right over 3 decades ago when education-wise we became a separate category from ‘Beauty’ in the regulated qualifications.

What has changed?

As an industry once dedicated to the highest standards of nail education, we have slowly allowed poor-quality education to take hold and flourish, and we have allowed non-compliant and essentially illegal products to enter our country and to become acceptable to use to an unsuspecting public.

The insistence, from a dedicated, official organisation of nail professionals, on a standard of education based on a deep core of understanding and high skill levels, would have gone a long way toward preventing what we are now experiencing, which is a general deterioration in standards of service, and an “allergy epidemic’ that we have never seen before; this is a situation that is destroying not only careers and clients nails, but confidence in the nail sector as a whole.

Excellent education produces professional nail technicians with the foresight to make wise decisions, not only in their choice of safe brands but in their choice of personal services tailored to each client’s needs. Elevating the status of our sector will encourage a true professional career approach and discourage the notion that taking “quick” courses with no real investment in time or learning the necessary skills, can possibly be considered as part of a route to a serious and successful career.

Our world is ‘forever’ changing and this is not going to stop. Change is inevitable and never more so than right now, has the pro nail industry needed a strong, honest, competent and sensible voice! We have listened, we do listen, and we will continue to listen to you, to be your ‘voice’, and your ‘voice’ will be heard!

We will fight for the highest of standards, for quality and safe brands, and we will celebrate those of you who have put in the hard work and dedication to these standards, which are held close to your heart and which will always distinguish you from the rest.

We will collaborate and partner with the most meaningful and powerful industry bodies within our sector and our collective voice will be loud.

We have a unique approach as our focus is solely on the professional Nail industry and we will represent our members to the highest level. Our job is to keep you updated on all important information that may affect you.

The FNP is not about us; it’s about YOU, and we need your support and membership so that we can create a truly enviable, healthy, safe, smart and better-informed industry.

Please Join Us – It is important that we support each other as much as possible.

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