The FNP Census of the Nail Industry – The Results Are in!

The FNP census came to an end a short while ago and we are just analysing the results!!

Well my goodness! We had an average of around 800 responses. Thank you pro nail industry!!! The results are amazing!  I have to say the the respondents are probably those that are most connected with the industry! The results show that the industry is in SUCH a good place! The stats are fabulous to read.  However, we all know that there is a vast ‘underbelly’ or realism! Those that inhabit this area are very unlikely to give any of their time in responding to any census.

BUT…. what is so great to read are these that take their career seriously and THESE are who we need to recognise and applaud! The greater the real pros become the more the ‘underbelly’ will be shown up for what it is.  As Chair of the FNP, I say it like it is. No marketing spins, no hiding the truth, no putting  a ‘gloss’ where it isn’t deserved.

We have some fascinating results on subjects like:

  • self employed vs employed
  • what qualifications held
  • who was the entry education provider
  • how first education was perceived
  • the level of skill updates and what they were
  • how much is spent on education
  • what business skills are needed
  • how does secondary education perceive the industry
  • how do we feel Government perceive us
  • what are the popular courses
  • where do nail pros get their qualifications
  • who wants business help
  • how do nail pros buy their products
  • what do they look for
  • what are the most popular subjects to upskill

Plus SO much more.

An 800 response rate is a good indication of what is going on in our industry. I wish we could attract the ‘other side’ but this is virtually impossible. Many working in the industry today absolutely know they are ‘below standard’ for a professional career so, who will admit that?

A full report on this unique census will be available to our Patrons only.  Little snippets will be published occasionally!  What I can tell you  is that this is an amazing in-depth look at our professional nail industry and what is happening in the good area of our sector.

I wonder if we can ‘bring up’ the accepted  and known ‘underbelly’? Join us and we will do our very best!

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