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It’s such a British thing – to apologise!! You know exactly what I am talking about right? Most cultures around the globe apologise when they’ve done something wrong. We Brits say sorry when we’re on a train and want to sit down ‘Sorry is this seat taken’ 😊. You’re smiling because you’ve done it – hell I’ve done it. So why am I yacking on about the word sorry?

Because I want everyone reading this to practise different ways of dealing with situations rather than saying sorry.

Within our industry, mistakes can happen for sure… and we need to own them when that situation occurs. If a client comes back to your salon with no nails after 2 weeks and you can clearly see they have been picked off – YOU have nothing to be sorry for. If the first thing you say is SORRY – you are assuming it’s now your fault which gives the customer an opportunity to then ask for her money back.

When I was doing nails, I used to use humour… for example the above actually happened to me and I remember saying “Elaine you’ve been picking haven’t you!! I can see it…” and guess what Elaine would hold her hands up and admit that yes she had indeed been picking.

To say sorry is like admitting you’re guilty, and often we’re not the guilty party – our clients are… but not all will admit it, if they think they can get a freebie!! (you know the ones right??)!!

My mum says ‘Beauty Suffers’ and indeed we don’t half put ourselves through the ringer to look fabulous, but IF we are doing our job well, we have no need to say sorry to anyone. So when you feel yourself about to say sorry – try turning it around!!

Don’t say ‘Sorry I’m late’
Do say ’Thanks so much for waiting’ (yes I think this is cheeky too but I still like it) 😊 (thanks Summa!!)

Client – All my nails feel off…
You – Really? What a shame you didn’t call me when this happened. Did you bring them to me so I can see the whole nails that fell off?
Client – No (of course she didn’t)
You – Let me see your nail plates. Hmm… looks like you’ve had a really good picking session here. I have over 100 clients and you’re the only one that’s ever said your nails have ‘fallen’ off. Now if I could have seen them in as ‘whole nails’ that have fallen off I would know immediately that there’s something wrong, but I can judge clearly from your nail plates that there’s definitely been some picking going on….

This is the moment where your client will normally admit their dastardly deeds!! Note that at NO time have you said you’re sorry… and of course you have to be very confident in your manner to do this – a no-messing type confidence but not rude or judging. You haven’t accused her of lying but you HAVE given your professional opinion.

Never feel afraid to end a client relationship if it’s not working for you, The best way I ever saw this done was with a client of my mum’s years ago who complained about every little thing you could think of… the nail polish chipped, this nail is too short, that nail is to long, the shape isn’t right, that’s not the colour I really wanted – EVERY little thing was nit picked at every appointment. One day Gigi turned to said client and said the following (genius)…

‘Pamela, I don’t think I am the right nail professional for you. You’re clearly unhappy with every little thing and that’s not what I want so I am going to recommend another nail professional that I think will suit you better. I want you to be happy and I am clearly not making you happy’.

What do think Pamela did? She said she was 100% happy, that couldn’t possibly go to anyone else but Gigi… and she never complained again!! Note – Gigi never once said sorry!!

I don’t about you, but I want to LIKE the people I work with and if a relationship isn’t working for you… you know how to change it to your advantage.

But sometimes…. Just sometimes – it’s better to say sorry…. than please 😊

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2. IN OTHER NEWS – Took my first flight in 15 months – what was different?

3. #QOTM – I LOVE LOVE LOVE this quote!!

My mission in life is not merely to survive but to thrive, and do so with some passion, some compassion, some humour, and some style.

Maya Angelou was an African American poet, memoirist, and civil rights activist.


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