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FNP Membership Terms and Conditions

Your FNP Membership will be provided subject to our internal approval system at the level you have requested unless our criteria are not met, and then we may offer you an alternative membership level, or your application will be declined.

This is a 12-month commitment with either an annual payment or quarterly payments in line with the advertised prices.  We may offer occasional workshops and other events, these may have additional fees to attend.

Also included in your membership is access to our invitation-only Members’ Facebook Group.  This gives you access to lots of interesting features and discussions which you won’t find anywhere else, and we encourage members to post questions, comments and thoughts, share articles of interest and start their own discussions relating to the nail industry.  An invitation will be provided upon approval of your membership.

Before your membership is approved you will be required to complete a membership form and upload your supporting documents.  Your application will be reviewed, and you will be informed of our decision within 3-5 days, although at times of high demand, this may be extended.  The FNP carry out regular audits and checks on our members to ensure our standards and criteria are being upheld.  This may include document review, site visit, mystery shopping or alternative means.

Terms & Conditions of Membership & Cancellation

The Federation of Nail Professionals is aiming to make our terms and conditions simple and easy to follow.  We want terms that are clear and easy to understand.  If you need clarification of anything here, please get in touch with us at  Please note that this document constitutes a legally binding agreement with us.  Please only sign if you agree to be bound by these terms.

  1. Your membership is based on a 12-month commitment. We will take the initial payment (either your annual or the first biannual payment) at the point of application.
  2. For the purposes of this agreement, our obligation to provide you with FNP Membership; access to the benefits listed in line with the level of membership approved. Your membership does not guarantee places at all events the FNP offers.
  3. Although this is not regulated under the Consumer Credit Act 1974, we allow you seven days to cancel your agreement with us. Please inform us by email that you no longer wish to continue your membership within 14 days of submitting your application.  This agreement will end, and you will be refunded on any initial payment.
  4. Any membership fees are set at the price set at the point of initial purchase, and should you choose quarterly payment, these fees will not vary throughout your 12-month membership.
  5. Should you wish to cancel the membership after the 14 days following application, please email us at advising us of your name, address and membership number giving the date you wish cancellation to be effective. An administration fee of £25 will be payable.
  6. The Federation of Nail Professionals reserves the right to terminate your membership in the event of evidence documenting practices, behaviours, promotions etc, that breach our Code of Practice. Membership may also be cancelled in the event of abusive, harassing, threatening or violent behaviour to any Federation of Nail Professionals representative, either in person or online.
  7. If any membership payments fail and requests for alternative payment methods are not provided, we reserve the right to cancel the membership.
  8. All membership applications are subject to review to ensure our criteria are met. The approval team’s decision is final against each application.  Feedback will be provided on any applications that are not successful, and an opportunity to submit a new application will be available once the criteria are met.

Terms & Conditions may be subject to amendment E & OE August 2021.

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