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Code of Ethics

Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

The Federation of Nail Professionals is an Organisation for those working in the Professional Nail Industry whether this is their primary or secondary source of income.

Membership to include:
  • Founding Directors / Elected Directors – members of the Board governing the FNP to include Founding Members and those elected to the position.
  • Supporting Members – Initial non fee-paying members of the FNP –limited access to predetermined FNP resources and ineligible to cast votes on any decisions affecting changes within the FNP.
  • Core Members – Paying members forming the key group with full access the FNP resources subject to meeting the qualifying membership criteria.
  • Advisory Board Members – Members forming advisory body offering strategic / legal / industry specific advice to the Directors.
  • Sponsors – To include any Company or individual who supports the Organisation financially or with pro-bono services.
  • Partner Member – To include any supporting partner such as HABIABBC, BABTAC, collaborating with, and endorsing the FNP.
Categories of Core Members:
  • Students / Apprentices
  • Qualified Nail Professionals
  • Employers (Unqualified)
  • Licenced Educators (Licence to Teach)

All members, by applying for any type of Membership agree to abide by and uphold our Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. Any member found in breach of any point of detail will have a Complaints Procedure instigated (See Complaints and Appeals Procedure).

Code of Ethics
  • As a Member, I agree to abide by The Federation of Nail Professionals Code of Ethics and any amendments that may be included from time to time
  • I agree that the health and safety of every client or customer is paramount
  • I agree, as a practicing Member, that I will abide by the Habia Code of Practice and the National Occupational Standards
  • I agree to hold a suitable insurance policy or policies
  • I agree that I will hold a suitable qualification relevant to my membership level (For the definition of ‘suitable qualification see HERE)
  • agree that, as a Student Member, I will be supervised by a qualified and competent Nail Professional
  • All Members agree to abide by The Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, its amendments and including any additional or temporary guidance from Government, regardless of number of employees or as a sole trader
  • Every Member will undertake to use only those products that are regulated by the Cosmetics Regulation ((EC) No. 1223/2009) and its amendments
  • Every practitioner agrees to abide by their own Local Authority regulations and requirements with regard to H&S, Licencing and HSE
  • Every Member agrees to abide by the Laws and Regulations of the Country in which they practice (e.g. Income Tax and National Insurance)
  • As a Member I am aware of the Complaints Procedure (HERE) and the Appeals Procedure (HERE)
  • No Member will use any other nail professionals designs or material without permission
  • No Member will abuse, degrade nor negatively criticise any other nail professional on any social media forum, digital platform, publicly or privately
  • All Members will uphold the highest level of professionalism, both within the industry and whilst consumer facing at all times
  • All Members agree to display logo denoting membership of The Federation of Nail Professionals on all marketing material where possible; with a view to demonstrate membership and high professional standards and to promote The Federation of Nail Professionals
  • Members agree to support, where relevant, all projects that elevate the status of the Professional Nail Industry and uphold the key values of The Federation of Nail Professionals
  • Members may be invited from time to time to take part in a vote or a poll and attend a meeting (virtual or in person) or form a sub-committee to discuss current and relevant issues. The FNP will appreciate Member involvement in any or all these events
  • As a Member I agree to respect any conversations shared on The FNP forum as confidential between the parties involved, and agree not to disclose any conversations or information contained therein outside of The FNP where it may be inappropriate
  • As a Member I agree not to publish, share or otherwise distribute material written and owned by The FNP without express written permission by the Directors
  • I agree that all personal and professional information I supply to The FNP as part of the membership application process will be true and accurate to the best of my knowledge
Entry requirements for Supporters (free membership)
  • No restriction to membership as a Supporter
  • Supporters agree to promote The Federation of Nail Professionals where appropriate
  • Supporters agree to provide feedback in relevant sections when appropriate

All information received and stored from ALL Members and Supporters will be subject to GDPR. This Code of Ethics may be subject to change without notice.

Updated: 27 November 2020

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