Service Menu’s – Why?

Are the days of a service menu offering long gone? I think so and here’s why! I’m speaking for myself here, but I loathe restaurant menus and service menus that have so much option I can’t see the wood for the trees. When someone comes to your salon, or they have booked an appt with […]

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Sorry not sorry

INTRO – It’s such a British thing – to apologise!! You know exactly what I am talking about right? Most cultures around the globe apologise when they’ve done something wrong. We Brits say sorry when we’re on a train and want to sit down ‘Sorry is this seat taken’ 😊. You’re smiling because you’ve done

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Charity starts at home

INTRO – Did you know that the UK is known as one of the most charitable countries in the world? We’re a good bunch really! I remember being in the throes of Bob Geldof’s LIVE AID when I was 16 and we did all sorts of crazy things to raise money at school. We really

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Gel polish article

I. Introduction A. The term ‘gel mancure’ is commonly used as a nail service that provides a UV cured colour coat on the nails. It is not usually a traditional manicure as it may only provide work on the cuticles and nail shaping and, sometimes, a hand massage with suitable creams. B. A UV gel

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Liquid & Powder Ratios

L&P ratios, what are they? By now I hope most nail pros are aware of the issues with high %’s of monomer in UV cured gels? If there are so many they cannot all properly cure and some are left behind trapped in the solid coating and can leach out during wear. The same applies

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