Get techy or get left behind

Running your own business means you wear a lot of hats. Not only are you the talent, you’re also the marketing guru, the book keeper, the business development manager, the stock controller, and the diary keeper. We are living in a world of technology abundance where we can utilize software and systems to help us […]

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How to stay safe when mobile

It can be daunting when starting a mobile business, going to stranger’s homes, hotels, or offices. You might worry about your own safety or feel pressure from loved ones about whether your choice to go mobile is a safe one. But it all comes down to risk assessment. My background was in PR in the

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How to deal with spills etc

April issue: How to manage client issues – e.g. spills in their home, chaotic clients in the home space etc [INSERT FUN TITLE HERE!] Whoops! There goes a lovely red gel polish all over that beige carpet! It happens! So are you prepared for it when working in a clients house? Thankfully, I’ve not had

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Scratch – Pedicure

Feet, right? “Eurgh, I hate my feet, and I couldn’t bear having anyone touching them.” This is something I hear so often as a pedicurist from those brave souls who come and sit in my chair. In this article, I want to explain the benefits of being able to give a really good pedicure, how

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