Buy With Confidence

The FNP are delighted to see that one nail Company has taken the initiative and applied to the Trading Standards for their Approved ‘Buy with confidence’ scheme This involves a very deep dive into the Companies paperwork and safety testing plus their education offering.  The Company is Nailchemy and they have covered all bases by

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WGSN Predictions For The Future

I took part in a presentation by WGSN recently that was organised by the British Beauty Council. For those unfamiliar with WGSN this is how they describe themselves: ‘With unparalleled coverage and analysis into the world of consumers, WGSN Insight is our flagship trend product. Featuring original and thought-provoking content on consumer, marketing, retail and

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Confessions of a Zoom Room Host

Week six million of the lockdown and I don’t know about you, but I’ve eaten my own body weight in Cathedral City (sans crackers – they just slow me down), and I’m pretty sure I now hold the world record for how many Cadbury’s chocolate fingers a human can consume in one sitting. I’m also not too sure how much Christmas gifted Shiraz I can drink without having to stand up and tell everyone my

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The FNP Census of the Industry

Although our personal, business, and current economic world is challenging, and the fact that at the time of writing we are in Lockdown 3.0, these closed periods are what have allowed the FNP to come to fruition.  From the onset, one of our priorities was positioning the organisation that was developing as “The Voice of

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