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The nail sector of the wider professional beauty industry has been under represented for so long! We became a career route in our own right nearly two decades ago when we were separated from ‘Beauty’ in the regulated qualifications. But what has changed? As an industry, we have allowed poor quality education to proliferate. Become a ‘professional nail technician’ in a few hours? We have allowed non-compliant and, essentially, illegal products to become acceptable.

Good education with a deep understanding and high skill levels could have gone a long way to preventing this and the ‘allergy epidemic’ we are facing. A situation that is destroying careers and clients nails. Good education can provide nail professionals to make wise decisions in their choice of brands Elevating the status of our sector will encourage a true professional career approach instead of a ‘quick course’ with no real investment in time to learn.

Our world has changed and is going to continue to change. Never more has the pro-nail industry needed a strong voice! It was so apparent at the start of the pandemic. We have listened to you; we do listen to you; we WILL listen to you. Your ‘voice’ will be heard! We will fight for standards and quality and celebrate the ‘best’! We will collaborate with the most powerful industry bodies in the sector because, together, the collective voice will be powerful.

Our approach is different and mostly unique. We have ‘chosen our fights’; ones that will make a difference. Our focus is only on the professional nail industry, and we will ‘keep to our lane’. Many exciting projects are already happening, all for the good of the industry. 2021 will see many official projects and initiatives, and, as The FNP, we will be a strong part of those, and the nail sector will be represented at the highest level.

We will keep you updated in all important information that will affect YOU. Your voice will be heard, so talk to us!

We are bringing you a unique and exciting Federation of Nail Professionals, but we need your support and membership. Join! It will be worth it!

The Federation of Nail Professionals- the voice of the nail industry



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